Teqhou Time & Attendance with Microsoft AX

Empower your staff to work effectively and help to manage change. Using our uniquely designed front-end ‘fascia’ it ensures a user-friendly interface linking straight into a fully managed AX system in the background, so it can be easily managed by your Accounts or HR department.

Easy to useUser Functions

  • Clock in and clock out.
  • Book or review holidays.
  • Linked to staff member HR profile
  • View hours worked at any time.
  • View the next 7 shifts.

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ExpansiveManager Functions

  • Fill a shift by SMS messaging from a list of contacts.
  • Create simple rostering with customizable templates, including split shifts with different rates.
  • Export data to payroll system.
  • Use in-built reporting facility.

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Why choose us?Benefits

  • Captures agency hours, both planned and worked.
  • Captures the hours of employees coming from other locations.
  • Buddy-clocking is prevented by capturing a digital image of each user as they clock in and out.

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