Digital Engagement

Digital engagement, simply put, is enabling your employees to have access to read and where required update their data or to view shared company data on any device of their choosing. Also a fantastic means of communication within their team group or at a more personal level for finance or contractual related enquiries.

Digital Engagement

Welcome to the Dynamics 365 Customer Portal, an all-new integrated web based portal for your employees and customers alike. Customisable to your business requirements, the D365 web portal allows access to documents including payslips and contracts, personal information held by the business, rewards earned, holiday requests and has the ability to open discussions or HR support calls via various forums and all appended to the employee record to give a full digital record of the employee and employee or a customer and a supplier relationship on a single digital, easy to use and cost effective platform.

Sitting in a secure cloud, our solution removes the need for a separate database as it is purpose built for The Microsoft product portfolio. This is a secure product in which you can engage your workforce, customers and suppliers alike with everything from policy to Invoices and payslips.

The Homepage

Be it at your desk or via our digital platform mobile app, this is a easy to navigate screen giving you access to everything your permission level allows. You will notice a series of useful shortcuts on the left to take you to the main areas of your portal. On the right, you will notice a particular area used for personal notifications such as reminders and holiday approvals.


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My Profile
Employees can managed their personal data where permission levels can be adjusted if amendments need to be made such as a changed name, address or next of kin.

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A motivational page filled with information on how rewards can be gained and badges earned. You can earn points with anything from watching certain videos on the portal to helping another individual within a forum, each good deed is followed by a reward point(s). There is a leaderboard to see how you are doing compared to your colleagues and management have direct access to oversee.

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A useful drop area for all the documents needed for the job role, whether this be job descriptions, contracts, health and safety documents or simply a monthly payslip. There are two areas to the documents page, simply a company documents section and a personal documents section. This makes the page easy to navigate if all you want to do is a quick peek at a payslip, however puts all the information in one place for larger documents too.

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Training Plan
A page completely dedicated to your employee’s continual growth. With a mass of courses, created from existing business training or newly designed to get the best out of your team. Courses can be sent to individuals, teams or the whole company. Reminders can be set on their homepage and notifications will be sent to managers and employees alike on outstanding training or development goals, meaning you can keep track of your team and grow as a business.

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An easy tool to help maintain a high standard within your team or business. By setting goals during one on one sessions and team meetings you will be able to track progress and provide helpful reminders and tips all in one place.

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A fantastic forum dedicated to your business, whether you want it to provide security alerts, business updates and health and safety notices to be shared between teams or a social page encouraging group activities and sharing of experience, your new Dynamics 365 Customer Portal is able to hold a lifetime of data and forum threads.

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A more informed workforce via shared workspace, health and safety updates, company notices, restricted group notifications, security alerts


Payroll & HR data (payslips, P60) available 24/7 reducing calls in to Bureau or in-house payroll department


Employees can manage their personal data such as address, next of kin, change of name reducing the need to call the payroll department


Ability to request holiday via approved workflows embedded in Dynamics 365


Low per employee licence usage cost reducing the cost of engaging electronically face to face with your employee